Seasafe Portable SystemSeasafe portable system description.

The SEASAFE portable sytem is a full system which has been intergrated into a Pelican type water/shock proof case. The only difference is that the standard marine grade fibreglass omni-directional antenna has been substituted with a small helical stubby antenna. This stubby antenna is simply screwed on to a terminal in the lid of the case.

Signal receiving range is reduced down to 2 to 3 kilometres or up to 10 kilometres if used in conjunction with a signal booster. This portable system is ideal for transfer between vessels, carriage and transport between different locations and countries or for use on secondary vessels when under tow (in the event the towed vessel comes adrift).

The portability allows users to travel with their own MOB or Lost-Diver system and ensure their safety irrespective of where they may be in the world.

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!The Seasafe™ Personal Radio Beacons are an AID to rescue only. They do not guarantee your safety. This at all times, remains the responsibility of the individual.

!Seasafe™ conforms to AS 4268.2 and also EMC and Radio Communications compliance as required in order to use the C-Tick mark. It is the responsibility of prospective Seasafe users to ensure that the equipment is compliant with any standards or regulations which may apply to its use in any particular country / countries